From employee to leader

From employee to leader

January 6, 2021

Having good financial conditions and benefits is the basis, but keeping capable workers requires extra steps. Take a look at a few key rules on how to support employee motivation and how to easily make your company a desired place for current and future stars.

Three principles of employee motivation

1. Align company values ​​with people’s values

The best motivation for employees is their own. Find out what values ​​they care about and make sure they work in a corporate culture that suits them. When they work in an environment they like and feel in tune with, their efforts to help the company meet its goals increase. Pay attention to a good company image and social responsibility. Nobody wants to work in a company that has a bad reputation and damages the environment.

2. Give your team autonomy and freedom

Few will appreciate it if you constantly stand behind them and organize every second of their work. Set basic rules, goals, and a plan for your employees, but leave the specific steps and schedule to them. Being able to control one’s own time and energy gives a sense of freedom and autonomy. Your trust will be repaid several times over.

3. Transform a storekeeper into a boss

Don’t be afraid to delegate powers if the situation allows for it. Let permanent employees train newcomers. Offer long-term and reliable workers the position of shift or team leaders so they see that their experience is crucial to the company’s results. Whenever you can, involve them in decision-making and planning processes. They will certainly have more credit in the work space than a manager who has never been between the shelves. The more your employees realize that their opinions are heard and their work seen, the more loyal, engaged and willing they’ll be.

Investing in employee motivation pays off. With a new approach to people, you will gain a competitive advantage and less turnover, save money on training, and you will have more satisfied quality employees who will want to work (and stay) with you.

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